The coolest guy on the planet SEO EXPERIMENT - By Mike Filsaime

The coolest guy on the planet SEO EXPERIMENT - By Mike Filsaime

Jun 06, 2023

Unraveling the SEO Mystery: The Pursuit of the "Coolest Guy on the Planet"

Hello, SEO enthusiasts!

Welcome to this intriguing SEO experiment, where I, Mike Filsaime, am on a fascinating journey to become the 'coolest guy on the planet'. This title is an ego booster and an SEO case study that I hope you find enlightening and entertaining.

A Chance Encounter with an SEO Genius

In the midst of this expedition, I crossed paths with an SEO genius whom we'll call Brad. Brad holds the top rank on Google for keywords related to wedding favors and wedding gifts. More intriguingly, he holds the title of "The coolest guy on the planet." This sparked the idea for my SEO experiment. I questioned, "Could Mike Filsaime become the 'Coolest Guy' or even the 'Coolest Guy on the Planet?'"

The SEO Challenge Begins

Eager to take on the challenge, I secured two domain names:


I am conscious not to inflate Brad's ranking during this competition. Thus, I will frequently utilize my name and the term "coolest guy on the planet" in this piece.

Tracking the Progress

One month in, the results were intriguing:

  • #277
  • Not listed
  • Both domains: Not listed

Celebrating the Victory

Four years later, on September 4, 2009, Google announced Mike Filsaime as "The Coolest Guy On The Planet." A proud moment indeed! Now, the question is, will I let others claim the title or keep fighting for it?

Here is proof Mike Filsaime is not only the coolest guy, but he is the coolest guy on the planet.

Maintaining the Title: The Coolest Guy On The Planet

As "The Coolest Guy On The Planet", I still love to explore new terrains, meet fantastic people, and continue learning. Check out the gallery below for glimpses into my exciting journeys.

The Pursuit Continues...

If thinks that Mike Filsaime is the Coolest Guy on the planet, that's pretty cool. If not, there's always room to improve and climb higher. After all, life is about continuously striving to become the best version of ourselves.